Thursday, September 7, 2017

Crispy Chicken 

Whenever I don't have much appetite but still need to eat rice, this crispy chicken with rice is always the top choice. I enjoy the crispy skin most dipped in hot chili sauce. It comes with a few tomato and cucumber slices which are perfect appetizers.

Crispy chicken with rice at Westfield Pitt st. Foodcourt

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chocolatey Waffle with Fruits

My family's favourite at Guylian cafe is their waffle served with melted chocolate for drizzling, ice cream and some assorted fresh fruits. The plate is colourful and mouth- watering! They were all gone in just a few second!

Waffle with melted chocolate, ice cream and assorted fruits at Guylian Cafe

Vanilla Pudding

As my son loves most food vanilla-flavoured, it was  expected he would ask for this vanilla pudding with some sliced strawberries on top and drizzled with strawberry sauce. Pudding was okay but sauce somewhat reminded me of cough medicine. Surprisingly, my boy loves it!!

Vanilla pudding at Din Tai Fung

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Best Pork Buns

One of my family's favourite to order at Ippudo is their super delicious pork buns! A slice of well-cooked, soft, savoury pork inside super soft bun! Definitely, a must-try! Kids love it too!

Pork Buns in Ippudo

Strawberry & Chocolate

Another temptation from Max Brenner cafe is this strawberry dip and it's obvious as to why. Strawberries are fresh and the dipping chocolate is so good, everything melts together in your mouth!

Strawberry Dip by Max Brenner

Warming up This Winter

I don't like getting cold so winter is my least favourite season. Sydney's winter is not that bad though and I'm surrounded with some good chocolate cafes for my supply of dark hot chocolate whenever I needed a cuppa. This yummy-looking one is from Max Brenner.

Dark Hot Chocolate by Max Brenner

Pad Thai Goodness

One of my favourite Thai dishes is this irristible Pad Thai! It's rice noodles so it doesn't make me bloat like regular wheat noodles. The sauce is so good and the nuts with some fresh bean sprouts that come with it add crunchiness to every bite.

Pad Thai

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This seems new to Lindt here in Australia and I'm so addicted to it. I can eat 10 of these in a row. The Piemonte is not as sweet as the others and it has chunks of hazelnuts inside which make it so munchable. This got to be my new favourite by Lindt!

Piemonte Chocolates by Lindt

Yummy Chicken & Duck

First time at Kreta Ayers and oh man, it was delicious! We had this crunchy, marinated-in-shrimp-paste chicken and half duck curry. We had rice with these and a lemon drink which countered well
with the 2 dishes. So good, I wanna be back soon.

Kreta Ayer's Fried Chicken and Duck Curry

Fragrant Chrysanthemum Tea

Enjoyed this super fragrant chrysanthemum tea yesterday after a walk in the cold. It's perfect during the cold days in winter. Keeps you warm and it is as well calming. Furthermore, the flower is so pretty!

Chrysanthemum Tea

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Teriyaki Salmon

This teriyaki salmon at Yayoi is a favorite. Paired with the ever sooo good rice plus a bowl of miso soup with seashells in it, oishi! I never get tired of it!

Teriyaki Salmon at Yayoi

Vanilla Cuppity Cakes

My boy's favorites weren't absent during the holidays but I couldn't promise him a fancy icing so I left that out. Instead, I had them in festive, colourful cupcake liners. I think that did the trick :). Cupcakes were as usual moist and super delicious!

Moist Vanilla Cupcakes!

Christmas Dinner 2015

What was yours? Well, this was ours... a deliciously stuffed grilled whole chicken. It came with boiled sweet Dutch carrots and could be paired with crackers and cheese. It wasn't a feast for many but it was for the 3 of us :)! Hope you had a joyful celebration!

Yummy chicken for Christmas dinner

Tollhouse Cookies

I'd lost and forgotten this recipe a long time ago. Good thing I sent it to a friend before and she reminded me about it last Christmas. Nice of her to send me back the recipe I sent her before. I didn't waste time and baked it during the holidays. They were so good!

Home-baked Tollhouse Cookies

Vanillekipferl 2015

We've decided to make it a Christmas tradition to make the irrestible Vanillekipferl. Last Christmas, they came out a bit chubbier than usual but still delicious as they normally are. It's one of my favorite Christmas cookies so they don't normally last long :).

Vanillekipferl Christmas 2015

Tempting Tortes

Baking at home or not, the temptations are just everywhere. Like these delicious and tempting tortes and cakes in a cafe at the QVB. You can't resist them or can you? My personal favorite here is their New York cheesecake, it melts in your mouth!

Tortes and cakes at Vienna cafe, QVB

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Eggnog Cupcakes

Christmas baking starts now with these christmassy eggnog cupcakes with a hint of nutmeg. I really get into the Christmas mood when I start baking. It's becoming a tradition, a very delicious one! How about you, have you got started yet?

Delicious Eggnog Cupcakes

Friday, November 25, 2016

Mini Cakes

It's always hard if you're confronted with plenty of choices and when that happens, get everything :). So I got five mini cakes after my sumptuous dinner buffet! They all look mouth-watering so the dilemma is understandable.

Mouth-watering mini cakes!

Pakapaka Delight

This is one of the best seafood dishes I ever had, it's grilled Pakapaka fish that came with coarsely mashed potatoes, asparagus and capers. It was super delicious, nourishing and energy-giving. Worth every dollar spent! It was sooo good, I ordered it again the next day :).

Grilled Pakapaka in Fiji

Calamari Rings

My choice as we had that lovely lunch next to the beach in Fiji was this calamari rings with salt and pepper. They were fried to perfection: crunchy, brownish and not too greasy. I could tell, they were from fresh, medium-sized squid as they were not fishy and chewy. The dish came with a small bowl of sour cream and a slice of Fijian lime. Delicious!

Salt &Pepper Calamari Rings

Reef Burger

As hubby claims it, one of the  most delicious burgers he ever had! It's called the reef burger and it was indeed yummylicious (as I had a small bite of it)! The fish fillets were properly cooked but not dry and together with the tomato garnish on top and some salad, sandwiched on that top-grilled bread, it was such a tropical delight!

Reef burger in Fiji

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Matcha Anmitsu

It's my favorite Japanese dessert, Matcha Anmitsu. Matcha means green tea as it has green tea ice cream. Anmitsu is a popular Japanese dessert which has small cubes of jelly and a mixture of fruits. And it comes with a syrup to pour on to it. Delicious!

Matcha Anmitsu - a Yayoi dessert

Mackerel Dinner

Another hubby's favorite is this smoked mackerel at Yayoi. It's fun to see him devour on this one till just a few fishbones are left. You can order it as a meal with Yayoi's renowned steamed rice (so good!), miso soup, a few sashimi and some side dishes.

Smoked Mackerel at Yayoi, Victoria Galleries

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fave Ramen

This would be my fam's favorite ramen, the super good Akamaru Shinaji from Ippudo. It's not spicy so it's suitable for young kids and also can be ordered with soft noodles. Its broth is rich and garlicky and it comes with 2 pork bellies. Highly recommended!

Akamaru Shinaji ramen from Ippudo

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prosciutto Pizza

This was my hubby's pick, a prosciutto pizza. It wasn't as fatty as my salami but also delectable. It was perfect with his glass of red. I would have ordered it myself but I just don't like rockets very much.

Prosciutto pizza at Eastbank Pizzeria, Circular Quay

Salami Pizza

Here comes my salami pizza, ta-da! At times it was a bit salty, guess it was the salami but the eggplant neutralizes the taste. Good I had my sweet pineapple juice. Yummy!

Salami pizza and Eastbank Pizzeria, Circular Quay

Yummy Spaghetti

Only way to feed my son when we're outside is to bring him to a place that has either noodles or spaghetti. This time it's the yummy spaghetti. He loves it and would eat most of it which makes mami and dadi happy.

Spaghetti bolognese at Eastbank Pizzeria, Circular Quay

Glass of Red

For my hubby who didn't have to drive that day was a glass of red wine with his pizza. He loves his wine but can't have a glass or two when he's got the car. I should better learn how to drive soonest.

Eastbank Pizzeria, Sydney
A glass of red wine at Eastbank Pizzeria, Circular Quay

Sweet Pineapple

Since I avoid wine and lots of other drinks, I would stick to my favorite cold and sweet pineapple juice while having pizza. I share most of it to my son who seems to have the same liking when it comes to juices.

Eastbank Pizzeria, Sydney
Cold pineapple juice at Eastbank Pizzeria, Circular Quay

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mickey Muffins

Finally got to try the micky mouse silicon mold I bought in Disneyland. I promised my boy mickey chocolate chip muffins for new year and glad they turned out really nice. My hungry boy, getting up from a nap had already 3 so far.

Mickey chocolate chip muffins
Mickey chocolate chip muffins for new year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fathers Christmas

It's 3 Lindt fathers christmas awaiting my boy on the 24th. The box is obviously too small for 3 men so Santa left it open :). It's so cute how my son tiptoed to reach the goodies and it's so sweet how he shared the 2 with mami and dadi.

Lindt santa chocolate
The 24th box of the Advent Calendar filled with chocolate Santas.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


The whole house still smells of freshly baked vanillekipferl. These are biscuits mainly made of spelt flour, almond flour, lots of butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar. So yummy you can't stop eating them. I'm so proud to say my boys made them. I just had to sit, relax and wait for these goodies to be ready :).

Sprinkling powdered sugar on freshly baked Vanillenkipferl.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Bears

Looking like the terracota warriors, these warrior chocolate bears are ready to celebrate Christmas with everyone. Though it's a sad Christmas for the Lindt community here in Sydney, the joys from these sweets will be present. P.S. Got a box of assorted Christmas chocolates from Lindt, Martin Place before the siege happened. They make my son happy getting 1choc a day from his advent calendar boxes.

Lindt Sydney
Lindt chocolate bears at Lindt cafe, Darling Harbour

Gingerbread Train

I thought it was great to get a gingerbread train kit and build it with my little boy before Christmas. Glad I did because he was really excited and enthusiatic about it. It was fun watching him decorating the train. The joys of parenthood.

Gingerbread train
My son's gingerbread train, Christmas 2014

Banana Cupcakes

It's that time of the year when lots of my energy are exerted into baking or simply making sweets. I love to bake and I'm glad I have a little helper with me. My son and I made some banana cupcakes that left a very lovely smell of the kitchen and our home.

baking banana cupcakes
Baking banana cupcakes at home.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Prawn Spring Rolls

A favorite at Umi Sushi, prawn spring rolls. They're crunchy, yummy and you can't stop eating them. Great as side while indulging into some sushi and nigiri.

Japanese food Sydney
Prawn spring rolls at Umi Sushi, Darling Harbour

Braised Pork Wrap

Unfortunately, it's not in the regular menu but this braised pork wrap is a bomb! So delicious. The pork was tender and its tasty sauce blended perfectly with the freshness of the salad wrap.

Japanese food Sydney
Braised pork wraps at Umi Sushi, Darling Quarter

Mini Jelly

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate. Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble jelly on a plate. My son would sing these lines and would request a mini jelly that would wobble on the plate. So cute!

Jelly on a plate
Mini jelly on a plate.

Puto Cheese

Puto means steamed rice cake in Filipino but this one is made of wheat flour. To make it puto cheese, you just have to add a strip or grated cheese on top of the putos. My son loves them so I make them from time to time.

Puto Cheese
Making puto cheese or steamed rice cake.

Baby Carrots

Another orange favorite is baby or officially, Dutch carrots. I prefer them than the regular ones. These are sweet and remains crunchy when steamed. My son is not particularly a fan of veggies but he would take a munch on these.

Dutch Carrots
Dutch carrots at home.

Sweet Papaya

A favorite in the house is sweet, red papaya! Not only I love it but my son who's quite picky shares the same interest in this nutritious fruit.

Papaya Sydney
Eating papaya at home.

Friday, December 12, 2014

String Beans Adobo

I was craving for Filipino food so cooked my favorite string beans adobo with pork belly. So delicious!

Filipino Food
String beans adobo at home

Teppanyaki Udon

I was looking forward to our main, teppanyaki udon. While on the wait, we could watch from our table the teppanyaki guys doing some fire show and food throwing exhibition. Great night with great food and fireworks afterwards.

Japanese Food Sydney
Teppanyaki Udon at Kamikaze, Darling Harbour

Teriyaki Chicken

On the side, we got teriyake chicken skewer. They were gone long before our main arrive.

Japanese Food Sydney
Teriyaki Chicken at Kamikaze, Darling Harbour

Sashimi Delight

It was a day of craving for Japanese food so got some sashimi and some others for dinner while waiting for the Saturday's fireworks.

Japanese Food Sydney
Sashimi at Kamikaze, Darling Harbour

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spider Roll

My favorite spider roll, yum yum! For those who don't know, it's a sushi roll with soft shell crab in it. It doesn't have the fishy taste and if it's done fresh the crab is still crunchy. It also has cucumber strips that adds to its crunchiness.

Japanese food Sydney
Spider Roll at Umi Sushi, Darling Quarter

Pan-fried Gyoza

A favorite at any Chinese or Japanese restaurant, pan-fried gyoza. They're filled with pork and perfect accompaniment of sushi. But if you're planning to indulge on more sushi, rather skip Gyoza as they can be heavy.

Japanese food Sydney
Gyoza at Umi Sushi, Darling Quarter

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dark Seahorse

It's got to be my fave drink, the irrisistible dark hot chocolate even in a hot day! I'm off coffee so hot choco is the closest to the caffeine addiction. And this special cup has a Guylian dark chocolate seahorse to add to the taste!

Guylian cafe Sydney
Dark hot choco at Guylian cafe, Darling Quarter

Coffee with Love

Not for me anymore but hubby still get his coffee everyday. I bet a flat white a day keeps someone awake especially on a lazy afternoon. Done with lots of love, this is a coffee at Guylian's cafe.

Guylian cafe Sydney
Coffee at Guylian cafe, Darling Quarter

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pear Tart

On a relaxed Saturday afternoon at Guylian's cafe, paired with dark hot chocolate and coffee, we had this yummy and not so sweet pear tart. Just perfect!

Guylian cafe Sydney
Pear Tart at Guylian cafe, Darling Quarter